5 Year FBA eCommerce Brand – $30 AOV – Consistent Year Round Sales

SellerForce® presents a 5-year-old, 100% FBA business that not only has 20 active SKUs to their name across a variety of industries, but is also approved to sell nearly an astounding 300 different household name brands. They source their products from dozens of wholesale suppliers, making it easy for them to offer customers a wide […]

SaaS – $123 AOV – $1262 LTV – Recurring Subscriptions

SellerForce® presents a SaaS business offering solutions to businesses that invest in online paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube,and TikTok. Due to Apple's launch of ad tracking control in their iOS 14 update, users could opt out of ad tracking. This change hit advertisers hard as they were no longer able […]

FBA Brand with 23% Net Margins – Made in the USA – 5 Star Seller Rating

SellerForce® presents an eCommerce business that’s 100% FBA, 100% manufactured and sold in the US, and 100% straightforward. Their brand centers around their 36 highly versatile multipurpose caps and plugs, which come in a range of shapes and sizes to make them useful for whatever their buyers might need. Whether a customer needs to cap […]

100% D2C eCommerce- -30% Repeat Customer Rate – 32k+ Email Database

SellerForce® presents an Apple Watch Accessories Brand that has taken full advantage of the ever-growing smartwatch market. The brand currently offers 5 products for sale, with watch straps driving revenue and other accessories, like cases and stands, making up the remainder. Top-selling products are a silicone watch band and an elastic nylon watch band. They […]

Home Garden Niche eCommerce – 10k+ Email Subscribers – 4.85 Star Reviews

SellerForce® presents a fascinating niche eCommerce business that’s sure to blossom when nurtured by their buyer. This budding brand sells a unique line of popular garden décor products, including garden gnomes, solar-powered garden lights, and other delightful ornaments to spice up any back or front yard. Their 84 SKUs give off a whimsical feel that’s […]

100% Amazon FBA – US-Based Manufacturing – Light Workload 5-10 hours/week

SellerForce® presents a business that, through their Amazon storefront, has laid down the foundation of an incredible brand within the skincare market. They source all 12 of their SKUs from their US-based supplier, which all work to help their customers retain a look of refreshingly youthful vibrancy. Though they run no advertisements for their brand, […]

Stable Recurring Revenue – SAAS – Customer LTV $25K – Highly Scalable

SellerForce® presents a healthy SaaS digital marketing agency that has operated within the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. Their audience is made up of all sorts of exercise entrepreneurs, from the owners of gyms and health clubs, to martial arts studios and other health enthusiasts. They work these business owners through the process of […]