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Why We’re Different

Our Business Brokers are highly trained via the Website Closers University certification program, and are vastly more experienced than the rest of the industry. Not only are we highly trained, but we’re also Business Professionals in the Tech, Internet, and Digital Sectors. We represent small business owners with their best interests at heart, because we’re small business owners too. We get just how important this sale is to you – and it shows in our results. We are attorneys, accountants, consultants, and entrepreneurs with the background, experience, and knowledge necessary to sell your small business for the highest valuation possible. SellerForce is a Force to be reckoned with given that it has experience in selling over One Billion in tech and internet companies, including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Amazon Businesses, Websites & Domains, Online Lead Gen, Online B2B Service Companies, Web & App Developers, SEO Firms, and more. 

We’re Business Owners, Too.

Your needs as a small business are no mystery to us. We are familiar with operating and owning Tech & Internet Businesses through our own experience, and we use that experience to help guide you through the process, and achieve the highest valuation multiples on the planet. At SellerForce, our team understands the intricacies of essential processes like search engine marketing & optimization, Adwords & AdCenter marketing, Amazon sales, and Software Development. Our extensive knowledge of running tech & ecommerce companies lets us communicate a company’s true value to lenders, investors, and suitors better than a small business broker who doesn’t understand the space. Don’t let an inexperienced intermediary fumble the sale of your business — SellerForce has the tools and expertise to sell your business at not just the best valuation possible, but with the best structure possible.

Every business we represent is unique, important and special. You are not in an assembly line with our firm. Our brokers take the time to get to know your, ensure your financials are in order, and take you to market in a highly proficient, full service manner. This is why we have been trusted for over 20 years and why going elsewhere is risky. 
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Small Businesses Trust Sellerforce.

The best decision you can make when you sell the most important asset in your life (your business) is leaving it to trusted industry professionals with the experience it takes to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk and actually close. The expert business brokers at SellerForce have well-rounded experience in the sale and operation of Tech and Internet Companies – they have brought that experience here to SellerForce, which gives us and you a huge advantage in maximizing value and ensuring a smooth closing.
SellerForce specializes in selling Technology, Internet, and Digital Companies. This includes so many types of digital businesses – there are way too many models to list them all. But at a high level, our expertise is focused on eCommerce & Amazon companies, Social Media Companies, IOT & Tech-Enabled Companies, Websites & Domains, Digital Marketing Agencies, IT & MSP Companies, and much more.
But this expertise also can be found on the lending side – since we use the SBA Process in so many of our transactions and generate over a hundred million in loans per year for our preferred banking partners, this experience influences the entire M&A process by ensuring that the buyer has the funds to actually close the deal. We hand hold our buyers through this banking experience to ensure they are set up for success.


Are You Ready to Sell Your Small Business?

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. We are excited to help you develop your exit strategy, and have you reap the rewards of your entrepreneurial spirit.