A SellerForce® offering, this agency provides its business clients with WordPress solutions for their online business, specializing in Web Design, Web Hosting, and Digital Marketing. This boutique marketing agency has 20+ years of experience creating unique custom themes for their clients’ WordPress sites while employing an experienced team of two programmers who understand how to create visually enticing and user-friendly websites. At a time when the number of entrepreneurs launching eCommerce sites is skyrocketing, the company’s services have become in high demand.

The company has not only attracted a steady stream of clients looking for assistance with their WordPress site, but they maintain a stunning 100% Repeat Customer Rate for the agency’s web hosting services, a source of steady income. Most clients also return frequently for new orders and services.

In addition to the main services they offer, the company also assists in helping companies sell products online, with guidance on the best eCommerce methods for success. This kind of above-and-beyond approach is what keeps clients coming back.

This Colorado-based company has been able to consistently maintain its clients long-term because of the quality of their work, and this has given the company another major advantage: a low marketing budget. Although the company has used some digital marketing tools to attract new clients, strong word-of-mouth testimonials from its customers have been their strongest marketing tool.

Their in-house marketing is driven by organic SEO. Their website is fully optimized for popular keywords related to WordPress, and that website includes an informative blog that gets updated regularly. This has given the company the organic traffic they’re looking for, bringing 2,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site.

This business is well-positioned to grow rapidly. Today 810 million websites are using WordPress, or a total of 43.2% of all live websites on the Internet. WordPress has a 64% market share among Content Management Systems.

For a buyer, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a well-established company with a faithful client base and solid recurring revenues. The company has impressive scale opportunities, including expanding the type of services it offers and adding new digital marketing tools such as email and social media marketing.

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