A SellerForce® offering, this eCommerce company has become a popular option in the Greater Atlanta area for their first-rate TV mounting services, which have brought them a tremendous 39,000+ satisfied customers, who in turn have posted more than 19,600+ highly enthusiastic reviews of their work. In fact, today the company maintains a 4.9 Seller Rating and is ranked as the No. 1 TV mounting service in their region.

This four-year-old company originally built their website around the SEO keywords “TV mounting services,” and as a result, their website is now ranked at the top of Google’s search engine for that term.

While the business is operated from the current owner’s home in Sugar Hill, Georgia, it is set up to be operational on the national level, with local installation technicians capable of being hired anywhere in the country.

The company has demonstrated a skill at digital marketing to drive sales higher, including their SEO program and a blog on their website focused on the details of TV monitor installments. The company has been highly active on Amazon Associates Central, the online affiliates program with nearly a million members worldwide.

The company has posted 300+ reviews on the site as experts on topics such as TV mounts, TV stands, and soundbars. These posts have helped drive traffic to their website and generate more sales.

PPC ads are run on Facebook, encouraging visitors to click to get a free quote, which sends them to the company’s landing page. If they do not book an appointment, a virtual assistant messages them to ask if they have any questions.

For a buyer, it’s important to note that this business was built to be highly automated, and nearly hands-off. The current owner spends just four hours a week operating this company, while a full-time virtual assistant handles daily operations and customer service, and a part-time virtual assistant does the same on weekends. Contractors are hired for the actual installation work.

The company is uniquely positioned to scale quickly, including through email marketing campaigns, and by expanding into additional services including the installation of security cameras, home theaters, and home automation. Most importantly, the company can direct its marketing to a national audience, boosting sales across the country. In fact, this company is a very easy one to install in your business portfolio


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