SellerForce® presents an evergreen eCommerce business that understands their consumer base perfectly, and has created very specific products to win them over. Operating within the keto/sugar-free niche, they have used healthy, gluten and GMO-free ingredients to craft their 9 key SKUs. They have become one of, if not the only, known providers of soluble tapioca fiber syrup and allulose in bulk consumer sizes, giving them an incredible advantage in their market.

The quality and exclusivity of their trademarked products has let them scale at a breakneck pace. They have a YOY Sales Growth Rate of 554%, alongside a high number of five-star reviews across their sales channels.

Their products have also performed well enough that most of their growth has been organic, with only a few paid ads being run on Amazon. They have a staggeringly high 462% return on their Amazon ad spend, showing just how interested consumers are in their brand.

They have a diverse line-up of sales channels, consisting of their own website, Amazon FBA, Walmart, and even direct wholesale. This has ensured that the company has been able to capitalize on each platform’s user base, building their brand up on multiple fronts. If the buyer wishes to do so, they could even take this expansion further by pursuing growth on an international scale. Amazon’s global storefronts would be a great means of doing so, especially when considering how well they have done on the site. The seller also has additional complimentary products already designed and easy to launch.

One of the many benefits to this business is their minimal workload. The buyer can look forward to working a mere 4 hours per week, which are spent handling purchasing, production, and shipping. This can even be delegated to a moderately paid employee. This provides them with a fantastic amount of flexibility in their schedule, which can be used in whatever way suits them best.

The company is also in a great place to be scaled. Given that their marketing campaign is largely organic at the moment, investing more time and resources into it would bring in more customers than ever. While they could pay for PPC on Google and Facebook, they could easily lean into their organic strength by creating ongoing content for their website SEO and social media. The company currently does no SEO, just a few high return Amazon campaigns.

They possess roughly between 1,400 and 1,500 subscribers in their email database, which can also be used to their advantage. A well-leveraged email campaign could be useful in promoting upsells, showcasing new products, and building their Repeat Customer Rate by endorsing repeat orders.

However, one of the most effective strategies a buyer could take to scale is simply adding to their list of products. They already have new SKUs at the ready, which, once listed, would be an easy way of generating new revenue. Smaller selling units and variety packs of their existing products would also be possible, as it would let customers sample everything the brand has to offer.

The company has great potential for new, in-demand products in their niche. They could, for instance, create flavored syrups, or add their own line of fiber powders. They have also identified additional fiber liquid and sweetener – fiber blends to offer. As they already have a reputation for offering products that are hard to find anywhere else, they could sell these powders in a larger unit size and sell them at a significantly lower price point than what their competitors go by.

This acquisition has come far within the past few years and is hungry for more. An ambitious buyer would be perfect for taking advantage of their unique product line-up, turning them into a leader in their ever-growing niche.

If you’re interested in this delectable offering, then contact SellerForce today.

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