A SellerForce® offering, this full-service digital marketing agency is delivering the latest available technology to other businesses to help them generate leads and has drawn praise from clients for being the best branding company available.

This is a solid startup agency with a steady client base. An ideal buyer would be someone with a background in digital marketing now looking to start their own business or one who would rather run an existing company than work at a larger agency. The new owner inherits a business that doesn’t require a huge time commitment – the current owners work as little as 10 hours per week – and six long-term clients who pay an average of $1,100 per month. Some contracts, however, can run as high as $5,000 per month.

The company provides services that include marketing and consulting, social media ad management, hosting on a SaaS platform, video ad production, and web design. As the company has grown in the past two years, it’s been facilitated by an effective social media marketing campaign on TikTok and Facebook. As a result, the company is making 20+ demonstrations per week to prospective clients interested in their services.

More recently, the company launched a new website to help streamline and automate the flow of leads, which enhances their overall effectiveness. The company already had a robust setup in place that has made this a turnkey operation, and a new owner would mainly need to understand the company’s process for running PPC ads on Google and social media. The owners are available to stay on post-acquisition for consultation and strategic support.

With this kind of advanced digital marketing usually performed by large and very expensive marketing firms, the company has competitive pricing and limited competition in this vertical. Scaling this business won’t be difficult. The company has demonstrated its skill in using video ads on social media to attract clients, and with an email database of nearly 2,000 subscribers, there are excellent opportunities to introduce new services to its existing customer base.

The new owner could also hire a sales team to make cold calls to specific industries. With its well-defined digital procedures, the company is in the perfect position to create a much larger portfolio of services to meet the current and future needs of clients.

Digital marketing remains the lifeblood of the business community today, regardless of industry. Digital marketing helps brands connect with their target audience and promote their products and services. But unlike traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing allows brands to target a niche audience and connect and engage with those customers. It’s a vital service today.

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