SellerForce® presents a robust, SBA Pre-Approved brand that’s plugged into profit with their excellent generator installation services. Southern California, the region in which they operate, has an electrical grid that suffers from frequent blackouts and an unstable power supply. Rather than working towards long-term solutions like proper replacements or comprehensive upgrades, reports have suggested that authorities are prioritizing temporary, or “band-aid” solutions in their directives. This make-do strategy unfortunately means that the Southern Californian electrical infrastructure is unlikely to see repairs or improvements within the next five years, which has caused the demand for generations and installations to surge to a breathtaking degree.

High-quality generators can lessen some of the impact brought about by power outages by providing a consistent power supply and encouraging more residents and businesses to seek them out by the day. The alternative energy source that generators provide is vital for preserving uninterrupted power for customers’ households, and for protecting the critical functions of their businesses.

The company’s fantastic and trustworthy reputation has given them an advantage in such an invaluable market, as customers know they can go to them for efficient solutions, practiced expertise, prompt service, and high-quality equipment. With industry projections pointing towards a climbing interest in backup power systems, and a projected increase in extreme weather events possibly worsening grid instability and power failures, the company’s reliability puts them in the prime position to see heightened demand.

The brand requires little in the ways of overheads and capital requirements, as they don’t use their own capital to fund any of their projects. The Average Order Value of their projects clocks in at about $14,000, and once a client is under contract, they pay a deposit. The management then uses part of this deposit to purchase the generator and the balance for other necessary materials, with clients being invoiced for the balance upon completion of the installation.

Another valuable asset to this company is their highly organic client acquisition strategy. Roughly 50% of their projects came about from referrals from past clients, with individuals and businesses alike enthusiastically endorsing the company’s quality of work, advantageous pricing, and excellent customer service to their peers. It helps that the company also offers $250 to any clients that refer another secured and completed job, further motivating the spread of their reputation.

Their marketing doesn’t come about from referrals alone, with 20 to 30% of their revenue resulting from online searches. The current owner has invested a significant amount of time into improving their SEO campaign and web search pages, which has placed the brand with the highest ranking in their region on search engines like Google. The rest of their projects are generated via a pay-per-lead online service, which the company uses on a small scale.

Their sales are consistent throughout the year, which keeps the brand from having to rely on any seasonality. They do see peaks during hot and windy weather when the grid can be turned off, but the unreliability of the grid means that business is driven regardless. The management keeps tabs on the utility outage map to stay ahead of this and approaches clients within areas that may be without power for over 24 hours.

Their average customer is a homeowner from all walks of life, who has an understandable interest in avoiding these outages with a steady power source of their own.

The owner works full-time, with their responsibilities centering around sales, invoicing, scheduling, and general office management. Instead of hiring employees, the company has hired a team of proficient subcontractors who would be happy to stay on post-acquisition or work on payroll.

The Southern California generator market is expected by industry experts to see substantial growth soon from clients of all shapes and sizes. Homeowners seek the peace of mind that a backup power source can give them during extended blackouts, and businesses across various sectors are no different. Medical facilities, data centers, and emergency services, all require uninterrupted power supply for critical functions.

The company is buzzing with potential and could be quickly and efficiently scaled by an ambitious buyer. The SBA Pre-Approval will also give them a higher chance of enjoying a swift return on investment and rapid-fire growth post-purchase.

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