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Receive a 10% Referral Bonus For Each Business You Refer. No Limits.

When you refer a business to our firm and we become the broker, you’ll receive a referral fee of 10% of our commission when the business is sold.

For example, if you refer a business that closes with a commission of $30,000, you’ll receive $3,000 for your referral. The funds will be transferred to the account of your choosing on the day the deal is closed.

Please note that we only pay referral fees when the referral is a business owner who is selling their business. We do not pay referral fees for buyer referrals.

Our focus is 100% on profitable businesses. Though our acceptance criteria are flexible, the business must generate a minimum of $20,000 in annual profit. As a business broker, we have sold almost every type of business model available at market, so we likely have a skilled broker on staff that has both operated and sold a business just like the one you would like to refer. Your referral will be in excellent hands.

There is no limit to your earning potential when you refer businesses to Sellerforce. The more deals you refer to us, the more money you’ll make.

Any business referred to us must be approved by our review team. We will not contact any businesses that have been referred until we agree to accept the referral from you. Once approved by our team, the referring party and Sellerforce will eSign a formal Referral Agreement which details the terms and conditions of the referral process and payment.

Once the agreement has been fully executed, we will reach out to the client and begin the process of selling their company. Payment of commission is subject to the finalized closing of the business.

You can contact us with any further questions at or call us at 800-251-1559.

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