Digital Marketing and Design Agency | Established 5 Years | $1000 AOV | 90% Renewal Rate

SellerForce® presents a Digital Marketing And Design Service Brand with 5 years of history behind them. They offer a variety of desirable services for businesses looking to promote themselves, consisting of digital marketing, SEO, website development, lead generation, graphic design, and social media management. They are a highly streamlined business that boasts their own white […]

American Military & Veterans Vertical | eCommerce Brand | Print on Demand (POD) | Full Team in Place – Reliable Fulfillment Partners

SellerForce® presents a branded, highly patriotic eCommerce company that targets a unique niche with its 4,500+ apparel SKUs. They target proud US veterans with their print-on-demand products, which feature distinctive designs sold exclusively in the US. The designs are included as part of intellectual property, providing another benefit to this excellent acquisition. Additionally, the sheer […]

Highly Rated Health and Fitness eCommerce Brand | $37 AOV | Amazon FBA

SellerForce® presents an Amazon-based business that has found a successful niche in the large-scale Health & Fitness market. This up-and-coming D2C company offers 2 key SKUs: service trays and squat blocks, which are excellent for customers looking to achieve deeper exercises without compromising their balance or safety. Their products carry an Average Order Value of […]

SBA Pre-Qualified | Central California Physical Therapy Practice | Established 23-Years | 160 Referring Physicians in 2023

A SellerForce® offering, this 23-year-old, SBA Pre-Qualified company has become renowned for providing manual orthopedic physical therapy of the highest caliber. They specialize in spine, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pathology and treat many physicians, lawyers, politicians, and their families, as well as professional golfers and footballers. The experienced team targets pain specialists, […]

10 Year Turnkey Mobile Game Marketplace | Ready-to-Sell Templates & Reskinning Services | High Average Contracts

A SellerForce® offering, an innovative marketplace for anyone interested in App Development. Operating as a one-stop platform for mobile game templates with ready-to-sell source coding, and reskinning services attracting an increasingly larger audience of app developers and designers. The company has become a trusted marketplace for buying and selling mobile gaming apps services related to […]