6 Year eCommerce Business Selling Instant Food Products – Amazon and eBay Sales Channels – 99% Positive Ratings – $30 AOV

SellerForce® presents a deliciously promising 6-year-old eCommerce business that is leaving their customers hungry for more. They are based within the instant food market and sell a diverse range of instant noodle packs, popcorn, and other easy-to-make, easy-to-store snack foods and meals. The convenience and affordability of their products have attracted customers from many different […]

International On-Line Tutoring Service – Positive CF Business, Growing in 2023

SellerForce® presents an online tutoring service company that provides their students with the specialized, top-quality education they need to thrive. Their business model is built around connecting qualified Eastern European educators with US-based immigrants within a matter of minutes, giving them easy access to tutors across a wide range of fields. The company was established […]

eCommerce Jewelry for Animal Lovers – Seller Financing Available – 272,000+ Monthly Pinterest Visits

SellerForce® presents a profitable eCommerce business with a philanthropic heart. The company has witnessed significant revenue with healthy margins through wolf-themed merchandise, predominantly selling jewelry and accessories. The business was built by animal lovers who decided to begin a small project to save and repopulate the wolf population worldwide. Proceeds raised from sales help provide […]

10 Year Amazon FBA with Excellent Ratings – 29 Active SKUs

SellerForce® presents a decade-old business operating off the Amazon platform with a crystal-clear future ahead of it. Their 29 microfiber cloths have been specially manufactured to keep electronic screens and lenses clean and protected from fingerprints, oils, keypad imprints, and other damaging contaminants. Given how valuable laptops and mobile devices are in the digital age, […]

5 Year Highly Automated DropShip Business – $55 AOV- Low Working Capital Required

SellerForce® presents a fully DropShipping company that is the proud owner of not just 1, 5, or even 10 domains, but 21 thriving online brands with their own organic traffic and authorities. This strategy has allowed them to flourish across an astoundingly wide number of industries, including, but most certainly not limited to, anime products, […]

6 Year eCommerce in the Baby Blanket Niche – Highly Automated – Exclusive Designs

A SellerForce®  offering, this eCommerce company has products that are very popular with children – which means the company itself is very popular with the ones who count the most: parents. Launched in 2017, this company has become a popular brand for its muslin baby blankets that are printed with original and colorful designs. These […]