DTC eCommerce Brand in the Portable Power Bank Vertical – 36% Net Margins – Strong Reviews – Easy to Learn & Transition – Ready for Amazon

A SellerForce® offering, this eCommerce company drew a massive and loyal base of high-quality customers throughout the world for their key product, the world’s smallest portable power bank which conveniently sticks to and charges your smartphone. The product became so popular that it sold out, and while the company maintains the eCommerce website, new inventory […]

Highly Evergreen Solar Niche – 100% Positive Feedback on Amazon and eBay – 10 SKUs

SellerForce® presents a 7-year-old eCommerce business based within an Ecofriendly, evergreen niche. Founded by two entrepreneurs with a combined background in eCommerce and rooftop solar installation, they skillfully combined their expertise to create a line of solar-powered products in the home & garden and automobile accessories categories. This company sets themselves apart with their branding […]

International On-Line Tutoring Service – Positive CF Business, Growing in 2023

SellerForce® presents an online tutoring service company that provides their students with the specialized, top-quality education they need to thrive. Their business model is built around connecting qualified Eastern European educators with US-based immigrants within a matter of minutes, giving them easy access to tutors across a wide range of fields. The company was established […]

Private Label eCommerce Brand in the Hunting Cameras Vertical – Direct to Consumer Sales via Website – Ready for Amazon – $220 AOV – 2 Years in Business

SellerForce® presents a private-label eCommerce business that uses a 100% DropShip model to great results. They offer 12 SKUs in the hunting camera niche, with their main products consisting of their excellent trail cameras, night vision binoculars, binocular cameras, and hunting rangefinders. These private-labeled products are perfect for avid sportsmen and sportswomen, hunters, and other […]

eCommerce Jewelry for Animal Lovers – Seller Financing Available – 272,000+ Monthly Pinterest Visits

SellerForce® presents a profitable eCommerce business with a philanthropic heart. The company has witnessed significant revenue with healthy margins through wolf-themed merchandise, predominantly selling jewelry and accessories. The business was built by animal lovers who decided to begin a small project to save and repopulate the wolf population worldwide. Proceeds raised from sales help provide […]

Private Label Winterwear – 100% DropShip – AOV $167

SellerForce® presents a 100% DropShip company that’s sure to fit their buyer like a glove. Their 3 privately labeled SKUs fall within the heated winterwear niche, and consist of a premium-grade vest, jacket, and gloves. Each product is made to withstand the most brutal and freezing weather conditions and has 3 heating settings to keep […]

Home Garden Niche eCommerce – 10k+ Email Subscribers – 4.85 Star Reviews

SellerForce® presents a fascinating niche eCommerce business that’s sure to blossom when nurtured by their buyer. This budding brand sells a unique line of popular garden décor products, including garden gnomes, solar-powered garden lights, and other delightful ornaments to spice up any back or front yard. Their 84 SKUs give off a whimsical feel that’s […]

D2C DropShipping – 42% Revenue from Organic Searches – 4.6 Star Rating

A SellerForce® offering, this direct-toconsumer DropShipping website sells legal cannabinoids delivered to customers’ doors. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, these products are 100% legal in all 50 states. The business is entirely remote and carries no inventory. As a result, there are no physical locations, and overheads are meager. The digital marketing strategy is […]