Tech Platform for Transport Operators & Schools | Platform Includes a Web App & 3 Mobile Apps | $9,000+ Monthly Recurring Revenue from Clients | Tremendous Scale Opportunities

SellerForce® presents a proprietary technology company that offers parents and guardians something truly invaluable: the peace of mind in knowing that the child has made it safely to and from school. For a small monthly fee, clients have access to the brand’s proprietary service, which consists of several solutions (a web portal, 3 mobile applications, […]

Ecommerce Jewelry Brand – $55 AOV – 30% Seller Financing – Includes $50k of Inventory

A SellerForce® offering, this eCommerce Brand sells fashionable stainless-steel jewelry concentrating on water and tarnish-resistant products. Sales are driven by the company’s Shopify-built website, which includes a profitable subscription arm. Other channels, such as wholesale and boutique store partnerships, complement them. The business achieves a $55 Average Order Value and a 28% Repeat Purchase Rate. […]

Women’s Apparel Brand | eCommerce Sales | Drives Traffic Thru Social Media | 50% Seller Financing | $87 AOV | 31% Repeat Customer Rate

A SellerForce® offering, this eCommerce shop has been successfully marketing trendy Women’s Apparel with a special talent for marketing their SKUs through popular social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, and by using influencers to build brand recognition. Founded by an owner with a long track record in the fashion retail industry, this online […]

Trademarked Gourmet Food Brand | Ultra Premium EVOO & Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegar | Established 6 Years | Strong YoY Growth

SellerForce® presents a successful trademarked brand, specializing in the Food Grocery and Gourmet products sector (Collection of Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegar). The company’s products are at the top of their class regarding quality and customer satisfaction. The business uses Amazon FBA, e-commerce, and direct shipping methods to monetize its […]

Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in WordPress Solutions | Web Design and Hosting | Sky High Retention Rate

A SellerForce® offering, this agency provides its business clients with WordPress solutions for their online business, specializing in Web Design, Web Hosting, and Digital Marketing. This boutique marketing agency has 20+ years of experience creating unique custom themes for their clients’ WordPress sites while employing an experienced team of two programmers who understand how to […]

17-Year eCommerce Business | Unique Apparel & Home Decor | Exclusive Artwork Designs| Established Supply Chain

SellerForce® presents a 17-year-old eCommerce brand that encourages their customers to embrace their unique qualities with vibrant and eye-catching designs. The company’s private label product roster, which includes wallpaper, shower curtains, and t-shirts, features copyrighted artwork from a portfolio with thousands of designs. They have an Average Order Value (AOV) of $30 and their sales […]