Fully Functioning Mobile Hair Salon or Barbershop (Includes the Mobile Unit, Website & Mobile App)

Video of ShagWagon in Action:  https://www.facebook.com/shagwagon/videos/3642963529057831/ This business is a Mobile Barbershop that has been created using State-of-the-Art Web & Mobile App designs. The business also comes with mobile unit as well – an upgraded Shuttle Bus that has been wrapped in the brand’s marketing. The inside of the unit includes a barber’s chair, sink, […]

2 year old – Affiliate Crypto-Gambling Site – 98% Margins with Minimal Marketing and over $96K in profits LY alone!

A SellerForce offering, this innovative young affiliate site offering online crypto-gaming connects users to online casinos that allow them to play their favorite games using cryptocurrencies and get paid in cryptocurrencies! For the affiliate site-lover or digital marketing hobbyist and pro, the company gives them the ability to quickly enter the popular crypto-gaming space and […]

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Business – Dutch Market Based, with 100% dropship, 30% profit margin and > $40 Average Order Value – Website only Sales

A SellerForce offering, this young business in the indoor and garden lamp vertical is shining bright in the Dutch markets.  Each product was handpicked to keep customers relaxed, make them feel special, and to also serve as a beautiful gift for friends and loved ones.  The products are perfectively positioned for expansion in numerous other […]

DTC Safety Bath Mat Dropshipper with Fast Sales and High Margin at a great price!

A SellerForce offering, this up-and-coming eCommerce retailer prioritizes customer safety. Their main product, a non-slip bath or shower mat, allows customers to wash up while reducing the risk of an accident. They have swiftly risen to a dominant position within their niche, with an Average Order Value of $46 USD, 18% Profit Margins, and an […]

AI Integrated Subscription-based SaaS Company with AOV Above $40

A SellerForce offering, this innovative young business in the SaaS vertical has become a one-stop shop for companies looking to create a presence on social media. The software this company offers allows its users to create weeks’ worth of social media content in a matter of seconds and helps schedule the posting of the content. […]

2 Year Amazon FBA Store Homebrew Tap Handles with $50 AOV

A SellerForce offering, this thriving Amazon FBA business has hit its stride by providing high-quality products in the Home Brewing Vertical. Its unique tap handle lets customers easily keep track of their latest brews, making for a simple, but highly effective addition to any customer’s bar. The brand has quickly achieved an impressive 30% net […]

Fast Growing & Unique Drinking Card Game with 60% financing available

SellerForce presents an eCommerce business that has shown extraordinary profitability since its opening. It has masterfully made use of social media and subsequently attracted sales through its website and Amazon Store, where it sells FBA. The company offers four SKUs, all of which are private-labeled. The industry has and will continue to be an incredibly […]