A SellerForce® exclusive, we are introducing a Lead Generation business specializing in the burgeoning sector of workplace injury lawsuits. This fully digital enterprise combines operational efficiency with robust growth prospects, boasting impressive profit margins of up to 93% and minimal monthly overheads.

This company stands apart through its exceptional ability to generate new leads purely from an effective SEO program, resulting in significant organic traffic. It’s noteworthy that the website consistently attracts over 12,000 unique monthly visitors— an attestation of its successful digital presence.

Workplace injury lawsuits are witnessing an unprecedented surge. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, nearly 2.8 million nonfatal workplace accidents occur annually, leading to over 400,000 personal injury claims. This market was estimated to be worth a staggering $53.1 billion in 2022, underscoring the vast potential this business taps into.

Over the past five years, this business has carved a unique niche for itself as a valuable ally to injury lawyers. By connecting those seeking legal assistance with legal professionals, the company has managed to cultivate a sustainable revenue model, earning commissions averaging around $75 per converted lead. Since 2020, the company has consistently averaged over $3,180 in gross revenue per month.

The current owner has meticulously nurtured the business, maintaining a steady stream of organic traffic via an effective SEO program. Engaging and informative blog content about workplace injury issues and regular updates to the site’s static content have been instrumental in this respect. For a prospective owner, this presents a fantastic growth opportunity, with the potential to leverage additional digital marketing tools such as PPC ads, email campaigns, and SEO optimization through the creation of more keyword-rich content.

Despite the steady revenue and expanding clientele, the business operation is highly automated, requiring a commitment of only 2-3 hours weekly from the current owner. This turnkey business model is further streamlined by the lack of a need for employees, with only a part-time SEO consultant currently engaged.

Operating entirely online, this business does not require a physical office space, contributing to its low operational costs. With a proven track record of increasing revenues and a myriad of expansion possibilities, it represents an investment with a promising trajectory. As the realm of personal injury lawsuits continues to expand, the company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on a growing customer base.

For a unique opportunity to acquire a flourishing business with a bright future in a growing market, reach out to SellerForce® today and explore the limitless potential that this business offers.


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