SellerForce® presents an eCommerce business that’s 100% FBA, 100% manufactured and sold in the US, and 100% straightforward. Their brand centers around their 36 highly versatile multipurpose caps and plugs, which come in a range of shapes and sizes to make them useful for whatever their buyers might need. Whether a customer needs to cap their chair and table legs to protect their floorboards or cover up the sharp points of their fence posts, these caps are perfect for the job at hand. The effectiveness of their SKUs has let them thrive on Amazon and given them an Average Order Value of $20.23.

Their products are sourced from two key manufacturers and are then used to take full advantage of Amazon’s seller benefits. These factors combined mean that the company is able to consistently provide their customers with functional, lasting products, quick shipment times, and fantastic customer service. Their FBA structure also lets them avoid the hassle of inventory management and warehouse costs, making the company far simpler, and far cheaper, for the owner to run.

The company has excelled in the market thanks to all the benefits they and their products offer, letting them rapidly rise and achieve 23% Net Margins. The eCommerce platform has been especially beneficial for their growth, as while their plugs are a product that many customers might find themselves needing, they aren’t necessarily something that a person might think to purchase in an in-person space. Their business model has now led to hundreds of glowing reviews on their storefront, and even two Amazon’s Choice badges for their products. They’ve even managed to attain an astounding 98% Positive Lifetime Seller Rating, proving just how well-regarded they are among their customers.

Seeing that the company has performed excellently on Amazon, it would be easy for them to use the site’s international storefronts to pursue global expansion in the near future. Alternatively, they could start up their own website to start selling D2C, nicely diversifying their profits. These options would let the company add to their sales channels, bringing in more revenue and making their products much more accessible.

The buyer could also quickly scale the business by improving upon their existing product line and supply. They could incorporate new sizes and shapes for their plugs, meeting additional demand and making their brand even more versatile than it was before. The current owners have also yet to do any price negotiations for large bulk orders or explore manufacturer prices, both of which would save the company a large amount of money that can be used elsewhere.

The company would be able to bring in far more customers by building on their existing advertising practices. They have already laid the groundwork for something great with their SEO practices and Amazon PPC, and polishing them would significantly boost their search ranking and site traffic. They could also start running ads on Google as well, seeing how it is one of, if not the, most popular search engines out there.

The FBA model and simplistic nature of the business means that the owner needs only 6 hours per week to run the business. Their daily responsibilities consist mainly of managing orders, delivery, package and labeling, listing, and advertising. Despite how simple they are to run, however, the company enjoys consistent year-after-year growth, putting them in a comfortable spot regardless of where the buyer wishes to take them next. They could easily maintain the brand as is, or work to scale this already excellent acquisition, while possibly hiring employees to keep the workload as minimal as it is now.

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