SellerForce® presents a a distinctive 5-year-old and trademarked eCommerce Brand in the urinary tract supplement space. Their proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals comes in a unique chewable formula to make them easier for adults and children alike to consume and have net both an Average Order Value of $26.50 and a Repeat Order Rate of 25%. They have an excellent track record through Amazon FBA and have developed a sturdy foundation on their own Shopify storefront as well.

The brand’s nature as a supplement company has given them the highly profitable opportunity to generate subscription-based revenue, which they have used to their advantage. A subscription saves buyers the hassle of manually purchasing new supplements every time they run out and provides consistent monthly revenue for the company to enjoy. Their subscription revenue rate reaches over $1,300 every month, and as the brand grows, this number is likely to grow alongside it.

Management requires little in the way of work, with the current owner spending a modest 2 hours or so every week on their responsibilities.

These tasks consist of the following:

Most of the store’s traffic stems from their organic rankings and Amazon subscribers, with their well-positioned listings having over 200 reviews. They supplement these rankings through weekly Amazon ads that target specific keywords, and this strategy has successfully led them to attract anywhere between 2,000 to 4,000 viewers to their store every month.

The surplus of time that the new owner will find on their hands will make it easier to focus on some of the promising scale opportunities this brand has. While their marketing strategy has served them well thus far, a digital marketing strategy that incorporates and fully utilizes PPC, social media, influencer campaigns, and email remarketing would rapidly boost the numbers of not just their Amazon storefront, but their Shopify as well.

If the buyer is interested in strengthening their organic strategy, they could accomplish this by investing in SEO and user-generated content (UGC) initiatives. Doing so will create a more organic and authentic experience for their customers, and strengthen the relationship between consumer and brand.

A stronger marketing strategy would also facilitate the growth of the company’s sales channels. They could expand wholesale distribution and consider pursuing national retail stores to make their products more widely available to potential customers.

The supplement industry is a popular one, which is promising for the future of this brand and their proprietary formula.

If you’re knowledgeable about digital marketing and are interested in the opportunities this brand holds, then contact SellerForce for more information from our brokers.


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