A SellerForce offering, this is a top-selling brand of Women’s Activewear – particularly Women’s Athleisure Wear – a booming industry that has more fully developed as women of all ages have become more active and have more fully embraced leisurewear as a daily apparel option. This eCommerce business has been thriving due, in large part, to its creative social media campaigns that highlight the brand’s aesthetic and the laid-back wellness lifestyle. With 29 high-performing SKUs and an average order value of $82, these luxury items have brought this brand a jaw-dropping 65% profit margin.

Consistently building the brand’s following and reputation through social media with more than 19,500+ followers on Instagram alone, this company regularly collaborates with top influencers in this billion-dollar industry to deliver incredible brand exposure. The business has also launched a successful Brand Ambassador Program that brought 2,800 talented individuals onboard to try the brand’s activewear and promote the brand across platforms and audiences. Their own posts have given this brand enormously valuable word of mouth traffic and a high repeat customer rate.

Leveraging their exclusive, owner-developed product line, this brand offers stylish and comfortable SKUs that constantly grow in popularity. Selling leggings, sports bras, shorts, tank tops and sweaters, this blossoming athleisure brand is a fierce competitor across their swiftly scaling market. It is important to note that this brand was truly built through social media initiatives. Attracting a highly engaged following on Instagram has helped this brand flourish in the women’s activewear community, and engagement with other brands’ marketing of similar products has expanded their appeal enormously. The brand’s influencer’s campaign brought them 11,300+ new followers and continues to bring in lucrative leads and awareness.

This business carries an iconic presence on Instagram, regularly featuring customer stories about their products, responding to direct messages and inquiries on the site from followers, and posting marketing content. Driving more than 160,000 people to the website, including 11,000 visitors each month.  The brand has a fast-growing percentage of repeat customers. Effectively growing this company could be as easy as expanding their presence onto TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Interest in this brand continues to grow organically as social media users share posts, and the company’s reach now includes an email database of 8,000 qualified leads. The company’s highly desirable customer demographics are women aged 18 to 45 who have expressed interest in health and wellness, fitness, athletic apparel, and online shopping. This impactful and spanning audience carries an expansive disposable income and the growing wellness movement along with the ‘treat yourself’ mentally has led to monumental dividends.

The company’s enormously successful Ambassadors program has allowed individuals to try the brand’s activewear with advantageous deals. That incentivized nearly 3,000 people to join the program, which gave the company an explosive reach across Instagram, the leading social media platform for young fashion brands.  To date, more than $90,000 in revenue has been attributed to Ambassadors sharing their code.

These massively successful social media campaigns provide a new buyer with huge scaling opportunities, across a multitude of messaging channels. With an incredibly engaged social media following and email database, the brand has already reached a high returning customer rate, that could be leveraged in tandem with PPC ads on Instagram, Facebook, or search, as well as through email marketing campaigns and promotions.

There are also major growth opportunities available by diversifying to other online shopping platforms, particularly Amazon.com and Target.com. That could open up enormous potential for this brand moving forward. And with several top-selling products – including Shadow Black Leggings, Ocean Blue Sports Bras and Shadow Black Sports Bras – the potential also exists for an expansion from e-commerce to retail sales through brick-and-mortar big box stores. While their products are not proprietary, they each carry the brand’s logo and come in custom colors not available anywhere else. Crafting more dynamic SKUs through a new line of styles, colors, and offerings such as shoes, bags, and water bottles could also elevate this brand to new heights.

The owner-operator of this business spends between 30-40 hours per week managing the business. Primary tasks each week include reaching out to new influencers for potential collaborations, maintaining solid relationships with current influencers, communicating with suppliers to plan for bulk orders, reach out to individuals to try the brand, to promote the Ambassadors program, and fulfilling orders. The brand now stocks an inventory of more than 2,000+ pieces of activewear and ships 5-50 shipments a day. Those hours could be scaled back with the addition of a communications manager or operations assistant.

This strategically developed company represents an unmatched opportunity to acquire an eCommerce athleisurewear business that has captured a growing niche market by providing varied, sought-after, and exclusive women’s apparel. This is an amazing brand that has successfully reached an affluent market of repeat customers who are eager for the right activewear for their fitness lifestyle.

Currently only selling through the Shopify platform, this company could see extraordinary growth by expanding onto eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Etsy or by stocking products in popular retail shops including Target and Walmart. Since this business found its success on Instagram, there are unlimited possibilities for scale on other social media platforms and other digital marketing initiatives.

Particularly with the current growth of the wellness movement, online shopping, and the new trend of using athletic wear as daywear. The Women’s Activewear industry is in the midst of prodigious growth, and this brand is a rare opportunity to acquire a thriving competitor in this global market.



Listing Number: SF23