SellerForce® presents a golden opportunity to acquire an eCommerce brand that’s been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Glamour publications, and has become popular among major celebrities and trending influencers as must-have Essential Jewelry for every occasion. They sell a line of 18k gold plated jewelry built for everyday wear, and, thanks to their water and tarnish-resistant nature, are made to last through the wear and tear of everyday life.

The company has an Average Order Value of $50 and a Repeat Order Rate of 11%. One of their greatest assets has been their thriving presence and organic growth, which, alongside their products being featured by influencers and well-known magazines, has been bolstered by a strong social media presence.

They generate a high amount of organic traffic from TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram, with Pinterest seeing anywhere between 5 to 6 million views every month without ads, their Instagram having over 30,000 followers, and their TikTok being supplemented with ads to generate a 2-3x ROAS. They have also had various videos across these platforms go viral multiple times.

These strategies have given them a rate of roughly 13,000 views every month to their D2C website, 11,000 email subscribers, and 3,720 text subscribers. The current owner requires about 15 hours per week to run the business, which are mostly spent handling the shipping process. They also organize 3 to 4 photoshoots every year, create UGC content as well for TikTok and Instagram, and spend about 3 hours a week creating and editing content.

The brand’s operations can easily be one by person as they are now in a space as small as a single 8×8 bedroom, given the size of the products and the low shipping costs. If the new owner is interested in cutting down on their workload, however, they could transfer fulfillment over to a 3PL instead.

Given that TikTok UGC content primarily drives the success of the company, the buyer could also see increased growth by improving upon their other digital marketing channels, organic or otherwise. They could strengthen their advertising as a whole through strategic partnerships with influencers and the implementation of affiliate programs.

Another method they could use to find more customers would be through expansion into other digital marketing platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, and so on, as doing so would make their products easier for customers to find and purchase.

This acquisition is a golden opportunity that has seen a +300% increase in both revenue and profit between 2022 and 2023 and developed a following of particularly noteworthy customers since their launch. A buyer who knows how best to utilize marketing to their advantage would be a great pick to really make this brand shine.

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