SellerForce® presents a 6-year-old electronic music marketing agency with a tremendous track record of raising awareness for electronic artists. Their proven process provides valuable strategic services ranging from branding to PR, website design, digital marketing, and much more to artists specifically in the electronic music industry, guiding them through the challenging process of establishing themselves and building up a reputation of their own.

There are countless artists in the industry that are never able to reach their full potential simply because they don’t have the right help and support, which is vital when trying to carve out a place within such a highly competitive industry. This brand specializes in giving these clients the tools and resources they need to thrive.

The company is able to assist electronic music artists throughout all stages of their careers: whether an artist is just starting up or rebranding themselves to create a new image for themselves within the industry. They work with the client to craft a brand image that represents and delivers the client’s music to their targeted audience, and the company’s passion for the electronic music niche and what they do ensures that they’re fully equipped to create tailored marketing plans that highlight the artist’s best selling points.

Rather than rely on paid marketing tactics, the agency has used an entirely organic-focused approach to attract new clientele. All of their current clients have been found through word-of-mouth referrals, through the website, or from Google searches and social media. Outside of some SEO strategies done to better optimize their site, their fantastic reputation has done the work for them in bringing aspiring artists right to their doorstep.

The company makes regular use of social media to showcase artists’ new releases, testimonials, and videos of them playing their songs, share tips and helpful advice relating to the industry, promote new musicians, and more. The business provides a variety of services, including the following:

Their most popular services consist of social media management, PR, branding, and release promos. Region-wise, their clients are typically from the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Australia.

There are several key client demographics that make up the bulk of the company’s sales:

The agency sees the most demand during the summer season, when musicians perform most regularly, as winter is typically used for artists to rest and work on new music. They currently have 13 retainer clients and single service offerings each month. On average, the current owner spends about 25 hours per week on the business, which are largely spent on strategy, managing the team and tasks, meeting with clients, business finances, running the magazine, and scaling the business.

They also have 4 additional employees, who work as contracted freelancers in the following capacities:

The owner has extensive SOPs for social media and management of music platforms, clients, releases, and all other business aspects, which will be very useful for the buyer post-purchase. A buyer with skills in marketing and advertising would be a great fit for the role of new owner, as they could use their expertise to rapidly and successfully scale the agency to a much greater size.

The current owner is also willing to act as a mentor if needed, passing along their knowledge to help make the transition process go as smoothly as possible


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