A SellerForce exclusive offer, this deal offers customers the chance to enter the lucrative tabletop games market. It has already set up distribution in 4 countries, established a varied mix of sales channels, and gained a combined total of 100,000 followers on their social media accounts, making for a solid foundation and an immense amount of scale potential.

The company specializes in the niche field of drinking card games, and offers 4 branded SKUs consisting of card packs for their game. These packs contain over 50 cards each, and have earned an AOV of 24 USD. The company has strong profit margins, and as the cards work great as gifts for friends and loved ones, their sales have peaked around the holiday season.

Their product has quickly gone viral on social media, with the company reaching its current size off organic traffic alone. Their remarkable follower count is divided between the popular platforms of TikTok and Instagram, and it’s likely that if these accounts are nurtured, the company will keep up its breakneck growth.

This popularity is strengthened by the massive size of the market as a whole. The tabletop games industry is worth about 3.2 billion USD, and is estimated to reach 5 billion USD by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.59%. In the right hands, the company could easily maintain their upward trajectory and take advantage of this rising interest and demand.  The brand has built up a diverse network of sales channels in a remarkably short period of time. 60% of sales are made DTC through their Shopify website, while the remaining 40% are done through Amazon. They’ve also used 3PLs and Amazon to sell in 4 countries, and have seen the most success in the US and UK.

One of the best ways for the company to flourish would be to invest in their marketing campaign. They could run advertisements on Amazon and social media to draw in more attention, and create an influencer strategy by country. Influencers would especially compliment the product’s virality, and could be used to showcase its entertainment value.

The company would also see fantastic results from picking off where the current owner has left off. They could continue their international expansion, and add more SKUs to their product line. Another option would be to start cross-selling to existing customers, in order to maximize their lifetime value and increase the brand’s return order rate.

The business’ existing management structure is largely straightforward, with the current owner’s responsibilities consisting of social media management, customer service, and general administration. While a buyer can employ workers to take over some of these tasks if they wish, as it is now, the business requires only 15 hours per week to run. The turn-key nature of operations offers a buyer a high amount of flexibility, letting them scale the business without worrying about a heavy workload.

This acquisition is fantastic for a buyer who knows how to take advantage of the latest social media trends, and can set up the digital marketing needed to take the brand to the next level.


Listing ID: SF57