A SellerForce offering, this D2C eCommerce beauty product/brand business has done exceptionally well with its trademarked (Australia) branded products. This product has achieved enormous success just through social media placements, selling close to $1m worth of product since inception. Their products are branded, their main product is Trademarked (in Australia) to 2030, and the company has won awards for its main product.

Targeting style conscious women, modern mama’s and fitness enthusiasts aged between 25 and 44 years, the brand has hit a sweet spot with their product positioning and price. The business requires as little as 10 hours of work per week, mostly in packing and sending product which the current seller does from a garage. This could be outsourced to a 3PL to reduce that load further, and potentially reduce shipping costs.

The company averages 20-80 shipments a day, and they reorder inventory every 6 months.
This offering has some extensive scale options, and is ready to be taken to the next level

Much of their success has been accomplished with a minimal marketing plan that has relied on and social media marketing advertising on Facebook, and Google Ads. There is an opportunity to broaden this and try and tap more into video-driven content, which as we know, can go viral and change a brand overnight (be ready!).
20% of their traffic comes from organic search which could also be optimized further.

The company could certainly scale quickly through an expanded approach to their digital marketing, including using email marketing campaigns and a stronger investment in their social media presence.

B2B sales would be possible if the company put in a concerted effort toward marketing directly to retailers and wholesalers with related distribution channels.
The current ownership now focuses on tasks that include order fulfillment and customer interaction, for a 10-15 hours per week.

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