A SellerForce exclusive offer, this eCommerce business has 22 years of experience assisting customers who need identity and location searches, and complete background checks. These services are in heavy demand today among employers, landlords, and individuals.

The company offers an extensive list of searches that have brought in steady and reliable revenue at an Average Order Value of $140.  Asset searches now represent 40% of their sales, followed by Extensive Background Reports (20%), Due Diligence Reports (20%) and Locate Searches (10%).

The business is highly automated, with no inventory requirements. The company subscribes to a database with a monthly payment of $300, based on the amount of reports they do each month. The company attracts sales at a reliably steady pace throughout the year, with only the slightest slowdown over the holidays.

New clients and repeat business are generated by offering discounts on multiple reports, which has led to frequent bulk orders from film production companies that need required background checks on everyone working on the set, including extras.

They also receive frequent orders from companies that need to do a second background check on their employees. In fact, this business has numerous employers who order these checks on a regular basis.

This brand is operating under a rapidly growing industry, worth $256 million in 2021. In the past decade, the number of background checks has more than doubled, and are often required as a condition of employment and for all gun sales including private transactions and sales at gun shows, and in some states they’re needed to get a concealed carry permit. High-profile incidents of mass shootings also lead to a sharply increased demand for background checks.

First launched in 1999, the company has built up its reputation by providing accurate and timely background checks that can include business profiles, court and criminal reports, employee and tenant screenings, and even a comprehensive social networking report. Custom orders are available as an added convenience.

In addition to requests from other businesses, the company frequently receives requests from individuals, including clients who are looking to collect child support, going through a divorce or searching for hidden assets, or people hoping to locate family or friends they have lost touch with.

On the business side, many of their clients are law firms searching for assets to collect on a legal judgement, or businesses engaged in a complex merger. Government agencies, managers of large apartment complexes and private investigators have all used their services from time to time.

Many of these clients have been with the company for years, because the company has established a reputation for being fast and reliable, with a quick turnaround. Some clients, including law firms, order every week, and they are now processing 20 orders per day. An impressive 80% of their customers are repeat buyers.

Their sales are so strong that the company does not use contracts. Their clients are given their own web page with links to each report stored on the server, and the client can retrieve each individual report as needed. Those business members are also awarded discounted prices on all reports on web pages.

This has proven to be a highly successful and appealing business model, and the company now has about 100 Business Members with their own website. The company is attracting several new Business Members each month, thanks to the many referrals they receive from production companies.

To continue expanding their customer base, the company has often relied on social media to drive sales. They take advantage of numerous social media channels to do that. They publish informative articles on how public records searches are conducted on LinkedIn, they have a Facebook page with posts about investigative professionals, and they do the same on Twitter.

The company also has an SEO program that includes popular keywords related to background checks in their blogs.

This is a business that has multiple strong scale options. One would be to advertise in magazines and journals of associations representing law firms are paralegals.

The company could also create a newsletter and build up their email subscriber database.

Marketing could also be directed toward more government agencies as potential long-term clients, and they have the option of having a sales team.

Background checks remain a crucial tool for a lot of businesses today, and the need continues to get stronger in the internet age. The fact that this company has more than 20+ years of experience and a very loyal customer base demonstrates how a buyer can take advantage of their recurring revenues and solid growth opportunities in the future.

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