SellerForce presents a rapidly scaling eCommerce company that has built a successful, 100% dropship model within an impressively short timeframe.  They specialize in selling women’s clothing, shoes, and healthcare products, which has given them a great foothold in several lucrative markets, and a reliable foundation for even stronger growth.

They offer 150+ different SKUs on their website, with their most popular products being their comfortable orthopedic sneakers and shoes. As the global orthopedic shoe market is worth $5.3 billion USD, and is projected to grow by nearly 5% per year by the end of the decade, this puts the company in an excellent position to rise alongside the demand.

The company’s access to a wide portfolio of high-quality, bestselling products have been the backbone of their growth, earning them an Average Order Value of $42 USD, and a Repeat Customer Rate of 5%, which is rising quickly. This portfolio and strong relationship with their supplier also gives them a straightforward way of expanding their current SKU line, and, in turn, steadily strengthening the brand and its profits.

Their dropship model means that they don’t have to spend any money maintaining a warehouse or worry about inventory management and inheriting poor supply. Their vendor also handles all shipping, packaging, and quality assurance, which, when combined with the company’s Virtual Assistant taking care of daily customer service, saves the owner a considerable amount of hassle.

Because of this carefully curated operational structure, the current owner only works 15 to 20 hours per week. Their main responsibilities consist of planning out new growth opportunities, overseeing PPC marketing, ordering products, and tracking sales.

These tasks could easily be minimized if employees are hired on to handle them, though regardless of what a buyer chooses to do, they will find themselves with a business that is incredibly simple and time-effective to run.

Along with utilizing their relationship with their supplier to secure more products, the brand could also grow by improving their marketing campaign. Though their current advertising plan has led to a phenomenal 40,000+ monthly visits on average to their website, by focusing on PPC ads on Google and Facebook, they could drive their numbers even higher.

They could create social media accounts on popular websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and partner with influencers on these platforms to bring attention to the brand.

Not only would this build up a community around the brand, but it would also encourage a sense of loyalty among their customers, raising their Repeat Customer Rate and encouraging customers to boost the brand through word-of-mouth.

Another fantastic prospect for growth would be to expand off the company’s website onto other, widely used eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. These websites are regularly used by millions of people, and by selling off them, it would make their SKUs more widely available and convenient for a larger number of people to purchase. Amazon is especially lucrative, as its international markets make global expansion much easier for a company to achieve.

This acquisition has been set up for success, built upon a strong supply chain, a steadily growing reputation, and a management structure that allows for a light workload for its owner. A buyer who understands digital marketing and how to capitalize on the many opportunities available to the company could easily scale it within a short timeframe. If you’re interested in hearing more about this fantastic 100% dropship business, then contact Seller Force to learn more.


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