SellerForce® presents a business that, through their Amazon storefront, has laid down the foundation of an incredible brand within the skincare market. They source all 12 of their SKUs from their US-based supplier, which all work to help their customers retain a look of refreshingly youthful vibrancy. Though they run no advertisements for their brand, they have still managed to find a dedicated following within their niche, and have enjoyed sharp and consistent growth throughout the past several years.

The company makes sure to supply the most in-demand products within the skincare market, including, but not limited to, a selection of face creams, moisturizers, and various anti-aging serums. Each product is made with high quality ingredients, and is sold under their brand name. Not only that, but because their products are sourced from a US-based manufacturer, they are able to ship purchases out much faster than their competitors. They see virtually no seasonality throughout the year thanks to their market, and enjoy an Average Order Value of $25.

They sell exclusively through Amazon FBA, which, along with making the business generally more straightforward to run, also saves the owner time and money that would have otherwise been spent on warehousing. This means that the owner only needs to spend roughly 5 to 10 hours every week managing operations, with their daily tasks consisting of inventory level maintenance, and polishing up the SEO in their product listings. As the company has no other employees outside of the owner in their current state, the buyer could easily maintain their low workload by hiring new staff as needed.

The current owner has done an excellent job in improving their storefront’s SEO, to the point where, in the absence of any other marketing strategies, it has been responsible for attracting much of their customer base. While the business has been highly successful with the plan they have now, a proper, in-depth marketing campaign could be exactly what they need to be taken to the next level of growth. Paid marketing in particular, such as PPC on Google or Amazon, would be a great first step.

The skincare industry is also flushed with opportunities for organic marketing strategies. On social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and other popular sites, there are countless numbers of beauty groups and influencers who may be interested in the company’s products and may be worth reaching out to for partnerships. The company could also create their own accounts on these platforms to better connect with their audience and build up a community of their own.

A buyer could easily diversify the company’s revenue by expanding to other well-known eCommerce websites, or even by creating a D2C site of their own. Paid marketing would also come in handy in this regard, as it would draw attention to these new channels and help them grow into consistent sources of profit.

The company could also make use of their strong supplier relationship to quickly introduce new products. They could start by doing extensive market research to determine what products are most popular with consumers at the moment, then have their supplier send them directly to Amazon. They could also reach out to new suppliers as well, as doing so would help diversify the type of stock that they offer. These new SKUs could cover the ground that previous ones didn’t, appealing to the needs of more consumers, new and old alike, than ever.

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