SellerForce® presents an online tutoring service company that provides their students with the specialized, top-quality education they need to thrive. Their business model is built around connecting qualified Eastern European educators with US-based immigrants within a matter of minutes, giving them easy access to tutors across a wide range of fields.

The company was established when their founder, a troubled mother, found herself unable to find any decent tutors for her child that were able to speak their native language. Rather than resign herself to her lack of options, she instead decided to create this service: not just for herself, but for the many other parents struggling with the same issue.

They have grown significantly since their launch, and now employ over 70 instructors that have both philological and pedagogical education at their disposal. These top-of-the-line instructors teach students of all ages across 12 different subject areas, which include math, drawing, foreign languages, programming, chess, and other courses that are valuable in helping children get ahead in life. Because many of their instructors have PhDs and educational awards, they have more than enough experience in putting together informative, yet incredibly engaging and fun lessons for their students.

There are very few competitors in their niche, making their services high in demand among parents in desperate need of them, and letting their positive reputation spread like wildfire. Most of their growth has been generated through repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals from clients, which makes it significantly easier for their brand to target the people who would be most interested in their services.

Their rate of organic traffic has been strong enough that they have had little need for paid marketing throughout their lifetime, saving them a considerable amount of money. The company has grown to currently have over 1,000 active clients making use of their services, with their average client taking about 8.1 classes. This, alongside their $65 Average Customer Spend, has led to them enjoying an incredible Average Monthly Recurring Revenue rate of about $21,658.

Additionally, throughout the past year, they saw a total of nearly 10,000 payments. Their fantastic services and the strong personal relationships they work to build with clients has made their consumer base unmistakably loyal, and kept their repeat customer rate high.

Though the business has become wildly popular, the owner’s average weekly workload has stayed at a modest 2 to 6 hours. Their daily tasks typically consist of handling their contractor payroll and general business management, keeping operations very simple overall. Depending on what the buyer is looking for, they could either maintain the business as is with little difficulty, or take advantage of the minimal workload to better focus on scaling.

One of the best methods for building the brand would be to expand upon their existing language and subject offerings. With more classes to choose from, there will be an even higher chance of them appealing to additional clients, strengthening their profit margins and overall customer loyalty.

They could also build upon their international marketing efforts, which would strengthen their global client base outside of their primary regions of Canada, Israel, and the US. The nature of their services makes them applicable to immigrants around the world, and a paid marketing campaign would be a great step towards spreading brand awareness in regions where they may be less heard of. This tactic would also let them reach new clients in markets that they’re already established in, giving them an even stronger presence in their niche.

The company would also benefit from building upon their already strong rate of organic traffic. They could, for instance, start by creating an SEO campaign on their website, improving their search result ranking and making it easier for prospective clients to find them. They could also create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites, making it easier to engage with their clients and gather feedback, and encouraging their consumer base to form a community based around their services.

This acquisition provides invaluable help for families worldwide, and comes with many benefits that a buyer can enjoy. They have a committed, ever-growing client base, a library of custom content and articles, and, once the buyer finishes the smooth transition process, they can be rapidly scaled through the right marketing campaign and management strategies.

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