SellerForce® presents a subscription-based eLearning company specializing in digital and IT virtual classes for K-12 students. The founder aimed to raise Generation SMART by ensuring every child explores their pathway to digital literacy and can compete globally. They have achieved this by offering various unique courses designed by experts from Stanford University and The Open University.

The online platform offers a diverse curriculum and caters to young learners. Upon launching in 2019, the focus was on coding. Management introduced additional courses, including math, digital art, and photo and video editing, the following year. By 2021, a sales department was established, and since then, options have extended further to encompass English Language Arts, Spanish, French, and YouTube.

A subscription model with automated payments averages $145 monthly per student. The typical student is between 6 and 14 and remains for seven months with a $1,000 Customer Lifetime Value. Since its inception, over 60,000 lessons have been conducted, 50,000 web pages and applications have been made, and more than 35 teachers worldwide work for the business.

Tuition fees vary based on class duration and type. They range between $100 monthly for 30-minute private weekly classes to $190 for 1-hour classes, with options in between.

The digital marketing strategy is multifaceted and is driven by Facebook ads, organic social media posts, and referrals. Complementary efforts involve SEO, listing trial classes on a prominent website, Google Ads, email campaigns, and networking. Prospective customers, or their parents, are then guided through a straightforward yet effective funnel, which entails a trial class, follow-up communication, and either closing them or offering an alternative teacher or course to try. Several compelling motivations boost conversions.

Students receive a personal instructor and a flexible schedule. During the school year, they can participate in competitions and receive certificates to showcase their achievements. The monthly payment system allows hassle-free cancellation anytime, with guaranteed refunds and subscription termination.

Learners can attend weekly online meetups at no extra cost to collaborate, showcase their projects, and assist each other with assignments. Additionally, a reward system is designed to motivate students to complete homework, and because homework performance is crucial for progress, the client retention rate increases.

Discovering a suitable after-school activity brings a sense of relief to parents, knowing their child will be occupied with a beneficial activity during those hours. Moreover, many of these skills are not taught in traditional school settings. Subsequently, an immense opportunity exists for a motivated buyer to scale this venture dramatically in the expanding online educational market.


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