SellerForce® presents a 100% DTC eCommerce Brand that can give your portfolio a boost of energy. They sell a lineup of delightfully scented vitamin diffusers that are infused with a premium blend of plant-based, all-natural extracts, reducing fatigue and giving customers the kickstart they need to get through the day.

Great reviews and an Average Order Value (AOV) of roughly $36. The company’s top strength by far is the innate virality of their product, which possesses a “wow” factor that customers appreciate and offers a solution to a problem that many face throughout their day-to-day life: fatigue and exhaustion.

These factors have lent themselves well to a social media-centric marketing campaign, and a strong appeal among their audience.

The ownership has assembled a team of content creators to scale organically on TikTok, and they have also recruited a marketing agency to promote their product with meme pages on Instagram and Twitter.

Each boasts hundreds of millions of followers, letting the brand have the capacity to generate an astounding 500 million organic impressions, and the company already sees a monthly visitor rate of about 49,000 unique visitors.

The brand isn’t looking to run out of juice anytime soon, as they have several opportunities lined up that a buyer can use for rapid-fire growth. Not only are they ready to launch 4 new flavors, but they also have a brand-new energy product waiting in the wings that the buyer can release post-purchase.

These products will be an easy source of growth and profit for them to tap into, and provide an excellent stepping stone towards additional scale opportunities.

They could, of course, continue to come up with and release new energy supplement lines, such as energy gummies and other innovative products, which would further expand their market presence and reach. They could then direct more interest towards their new products by scaling their paid advertising campaign, ensuring that their brand will be able to access more potential consumers outside of their current sphere of influence.

The company could then go on to leverage their popularity to pursue expansion, diversifying their revenue and greatly broadening their reach. They could look into exploring retail and wholesale markets, and then pursue international expansion into regions- something they could more easily accomplish by possibly expanding onto Amazon and using their global storefronts.

This brand maintains lightweight operations with the help of their partnered marketing agency and a virtual assistant (VA) who handles all customer support emails, refunds cancellations and manages orders.

Their management structure is such that the current owner needs a modest 14 hours per week to run the business, during which they tend to operations, respond to VAs and agency contractors, manage the website, and place inventory orders.

The company is brimming with vitality, and their impressive social media appeal means that they can quickly market any new products they release to an avid audience. If you’re an entrepreneur interested in taking the ball the previous owner left behind and running with it, then this acquisition has much to offer.

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