A Seller Force offering, this spiritual jeweler is an eCommerce retailer with incredible promise. With a breathtaking 16x ROAS, this wildly popular brand leverages a loyal social media community to drive vast awareness. This seller leverages divinely metaphysical products across high demand verticals including apparel, footwear, accessories, home décor, and jewelry. A stylish, niche seller in the booming spiritual lifestyle community, this company carries more than 695 SKUs with an AOV of $31.81 to drive tremendous revenue across the physical plane. Currently selling these high value offerings through their site only, this optimized business is perfectly poised for rapid scaling through sales channel diversification, SKU creation, in-house brand development, and wholesale opportunities. Offering incredible paths to brand and revenue growth, this is a revered opportunity that will flourish in the right hands.

A market leader within the niche and growing spiritual movement, this engaging brand carries a robust community of 2,841 followers on Instagram, 9,178 on Facebook, and more than 27,388 newsletter subscribers. Leveraging these connections, investing in retargeting campaigns and enhanced social media paid placements are initiatives that may resonate well with consumers. Additionally, expanding their reach through TikTok, SEO, and influencer marketing could dramatically scale this business’ overall sales and repeat customer rate. With their current media mix as it is, this company regularly earns more then 69,300 average monthly site visitors and building on their share of voice should effectively bolster their conversion rates.

Extending sales through channel extensions, this brand could see transcendent growth with the addition of an Amazon and Etsy storefront. Building on their powerful niche audience, a new buyer could also build out brick-and-mortar seller connections in spaces such as yoga studios, meditation centers, and more to drive stronger industry penetration and awareness.

Operating on an on-demand, drop ship model, this company carries minimal risk with spectacular rewards. Standing above the competition, this lucrative company has tapped into the lifestyle movement of spiritual wellness and holistic living. Entering this niche audience segment, this offering has been able to carve out an impactful corner of the market to scale miraculously over the last 2 years. In fact, since its inception, this company has filled more than 15,000 orders globally and earned a total profit exceeding $505,000.

Requiring fewer than 3 hours of work each day from the current ownership, the company is run by staff coordination, order management, customer service oversight, marketing direction, and payroll. By hiring a remote supervisor, these tasks could be minimized further. Working with a total of 7 employees, this company runs effectively with 2 full time workers and 5 part time supporters. This experienced team has a VA, fulfillment manager, support manager, Facebook marketer, quality control specialist, social poster, newsletter creator, and customer service representative to maintain this company’s tremendous growth.

This aspirational movement retailer is an influential brand that is growing rapidly. Carrying products with international appeal, this innovative and spiritual eCommerce seller has boundless opportunity to scale. From brick-and-mortar partnerships and channel diversification to social media improvements and increased marketing spending, this business is strategically developed to gain both a loyal following and an ever-increasing revenue level. Whether the incoming owner chooses to sit back and allow the universe to help this brand flourish or to create initiatives that will drive extended growth, this dynamic company is well designed for lasting profit.