A Seller Force offering, this eCommerce website has done something unique: successfully helped other small businesses get established selling their own products online. This company has a highly skilled team in place to create fully automated, U.S.A.-based shopping websites in any niche field the customer wants, with a guarantee of completion in 72 hours or less.

Their customer base continues to expand, and in less than two years, revenues have exceeded $330,000+ on a high average order value of $1,000. The company has received incomparable reviews from their customers, due to their phenomenal website functionalities, the stunning appearance of their new website, and how well each site functions to process and facilitate online sales.

The brand has seen tremendous growth, in part from the appeal of its free webinar, which enables customers to learn everything they need to know about getting fully automated within 72 hours, and in part due to its unrivaled quality. The webinar includes tips on why their current business may be failing, how to source products from the U.S., and how automation will enable them to work as little as 20 minutes per week.

As a relatively new business now enjoying staggering recurring revenues, there are plenty of options to scale this company. One promising path would be to create an internal marketing/SEO agency in house, offering this as an additional level of service, which could create a sizable monthly residual.  A buyer could also increase the ad spend on the webinar, this would dramatically expand the customer base since their conversion rates have been steady and consistent.

The company also uses the freelance site Upwork for business proposals and could automate the process by sending out proposals daily to further boost sales.

This company was founded two years ago by a web builder who wanted to offer clients two options for setting up their eCommerce site. One was for a website priced at $997 that could sell up to 50 products, which has made up 70% of overall sales. The second option is a 100+ product website for $1,497, which makes up the remaining 30% of sales.

The company brings quite a lot to those package deals. Their process starts with a 30-minute discovery call, where the company interviews the prospective client on information about their project and niche field. After the purchase, what the client gets includes a setup on Shopify, theme installation, hosting configuration to accommodate API calls, installation of drop ship automation software, 50 product uploads including descriptions, a live chat setup, imported 5 Star reviews, and a merchant gateway setup for credit card processing.

This impactful company launched at just the right time, when there was a surge in Americans becoming more comfortable with online purchases, which inspired a growing number of entrepreneurs to start their own sales website. The brand has cultivated more than 300 customers, and the people turning to them for help starting their home-based business has been diverse, from college students and retirees to single mothers interested in working from home while caring for their kids. The brand has built up an impressive email database of 5,000+ and has never received anything lower than a 5-Star review.

All the company’s clients have remained active users as the brand offers ongoing site hosting services, which provides them with recurring revenues. There are no inactive users.

The brand has effectively used social media to expand its customer base, starting with tis Facebook page, which has more than 2,000 followers. The company sends out Facebook ads to get people to sign up for the webinar, and they also send out proposals on Upwork, which has contributed a hefty 30% of their overall sales. They now process 2-4 orders a day and have an SEO team that works on organic rankings, which is working. They average between 50 and 100 visitors a day on the website.

This company has numerous paths it could take to promote growth and profitability. It does not cost the company anything to send out leads on Upwork and they could start sending out multiple proposals daily. The company could also provide internal marketing and SEO rather than having that work outsourced to partner agencies.

They could also use PPC ads to generate growth, while also expanding their social media marketing campaigns as a means of boosting organic traffic.

With such a large email database, the launching of an email marketing campaign could also pay off handsomely.

The current owner now spends 15-20 hours per week running this business, with primary tasks that include making pre-purchase sales calls and managing support calls for clients. They are additionally responsible for sending out Upwork proposals and assisting the team of freelancer workers. That team is made up of a lead developer who handles website creation, a quality control agent who moves projects through the pipeline, two copywriters, and an SEO guru.

The current team manages a sizable number of customer service contacts each day, including 15-25 emails and 3-7 phone calls.  A lot of those contacts come from pre-qualified individuals who have watched the webinar and now want more information before making a purchase.

There are no special skills that a buyer would need to run this business, which is easy to manage. A buyer’s focus would likely be on speaking with prospective clients over the phone and communicating with the team of freelancers over their internal Slack system. Because of the experience and competence of this team, no technical skills are needed.

This is a terrific opportunity to own a highly successful website development company at a time when thousands of Americans are looking for new stay at home careers operating their own eCommerce business. The customer base for a business like this is getting larger every day. There is a steadily increasing high demand among customers for a sophisticated entry into the world of online retail.

This company benefits from its competitive pricing, sky-high support, and jaw droppingly positive feedback from its customer base. The fact that this business requires no inventory management and has low working capital requirements also bolsters its value to any type of incoming buyer who will also benefit from strong sales and residual recurring income. This is a company at the early stages of what is likely to become explosive growth in the near future.