SellerForce® presents an eCommerce brand that is filled with great potential. Their product roster consists of iconic, brightly colored, highly photogenic functional ceramics that attract a young, trend-sensitive audience. Their cups and mugs have shown themselves to be popular among women between the ages of 25 and 35 who live in major metropolitan areas and have the disposable income to happily spend on fashionable objects.

One of the ways in which they’ve been able to keep their consumer base engaged is through their seasonal releases of new forms and colorways, which encourage customers to become regular buyers so they can fill their cabinets up with an assortment of unique mugs. This strategy, along with the whimsical nature of their high-quality products, has given them an Average Order Value of $63 and a Repeat Order Rate of 30%.

They’ve steadily built up a reputation that’s been able to speak for itself, with strong brand recognition within the home décor and accessories space. They have over 60,000 followers on their Instagram account and see nearly 5,000 visitors to their website every month. They have also developed over 200 wholesale relationships, which has led to them having an even 50/50 division between DTC and B2B sales.

The company is in a prime position for the right buyer to sculpt them into something great, and the new owner will find that there is no shortage of ways that they can go about doing so. For instance, if they took an interest in developing the wholesale side of their business, they could start working with some major retailers, and reduce their retail price point through volume production to open their products up to new audiences.

They might also want to consider looking into engaging a sales representative or firm to secure volume wholesale orders, which would make the entire process much easier.

Wholesale isn’t the only way they can broaden their reach, however. They could also start up DropShip marketplace revenue using popular eCommerce storefronts like Amazon, Anthropologie, and Food52. They could also expand their overall product offerings to cater to niche audiences, including, but certainly not limited to, coffee, hospitality, plant stores, and interior designers. This broader product range would benefit them not just through their wholesale development, but any further expansion they might pursue, as well.

Additionally, improving the brand’s marketing efforts would be a promising move to make. In the past, they saw about 500,000 a year without any paid advertising, which means that investing in a proper marketing campaign would likely lead to rapid growth within a remarkably short period of time. They could accomplish this both with strategic PPC, as well as key sponsorships from celebrities and influencers to endorse their products to a wider audience.

This acquisition is brimming over with possibilities, and some careful attention, planning, and investments could bring them to fruition.

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