A SellerForce offering, this 8-year-old eCommerce brand has made a name for itself in the profitable niche of Home and Baby Accessories.

Their products consist of elegant, urban nursery décor, perfect for parents looking for a more modern look to compliment their homes. They offer everything from crib bedding to blankets and other accessories, all in a monochrome palette that’s difficult to find in their competition.

The company boasts more than 200 individual SKUs, all of which are high quality and made in the USA. The simplicity of the products means they suit a variety of homes and individual aesthetics and are also fantastic for maintaining a gender-neutral space for a newborn. Additionally, because the company stocks 100% of its products in-house, customers are guaranteed dependable and fast delivery.

As a result, the brand has developed a strong reputation for itself throughout the years. Not only does it have plenty of glowing 5-star reviews on its website, but it also has a high Average Order Value of $102 USD, and impressive profit margins of 40%.

By improving their business on popular online retail platforms such as Amazon and Etsy, and expanding onto other 3rd party sales platforms, it’s likely that the brand would see exponential growth. At the very least, this would make their products more easily accessible and available to a wider audience.

The company could also expand on a geographical scale, improving their strategic marketing alongside it to bring in even more prospective customers from across the globe.

Additionally, they could also add onto their existing product line by offering even more varieties of décor and accessories, making sure that, regardless of what a customer might want for their nursery, they’ll be able to find it from this brand. The current owners, a husband-and-wife team, spend roughly 20 hours per week running the company.

Their responsibilities include managing stock inventory, researching new trends in the market, providing customer support, and updating the website and the photos displayed on it. Their only employees consist of a few outsourced contractors, with all inventory and shipping logistics managed internally.

This acquisition is excellent for all types of owners, whether they’re new to eCommerce and looking for an easy eCommerce shop to manage, a profitable business to run out of their home, or a skilled entrepreneur looking to take a promising brand to the next level.

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