SellerForce® presents a 7-year-old eCommerce business based within an Eco-friendly, evergreen niche. Founded by two entrepreneurs with a combined background in eCommerce and rooftop solar installation, they skillfully combined their expertise to create a line of solar-powered products in the home & garden and automobile accessories categories.

This company sets themselves apart with their branding and product quality, as is demonstrated by several marketplace accounts with impeccable feedback ratings and product reviews. The company generates their revenue through their own website along with other 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Wayfair.

Though 85% of their total sales are from Amazon, they have performed exceedingly well on all platforms and developed a glowing reputation for themselves. On Amazon, they boast a 100% Positive Feedback rating throughout the last 365 days. Their eBay Positive Feedback rating was just as high across the last 12 months, and they are registered as a Walmart Pro Seller with a 96% Listing Quality rate over their 10 SKUs.

Their advertising model relies upon a combination of PPC ads and organic marketplace rankings, with the brand ranking well around specific keywords that put them at the top of the page for certain keyword searches. The current owners shut off much of their advertising to turn their attention to their other business venture, allowing the buyer to quickly scale just by re-focusing these marketing efforts. Opportunities to grow the brand are easily accessible by simply allocating more resources to PPC on all Marketplaces.

Other scaling opportunities include investing in email marketing and the brand’s social media presence for a stronger organic traffic flow. The company requires little time to manage in its current state, with one of the owners spending less than an hour per week to run the operations. Much of the business’ more time extensive responsibilities are handled by their virtual assistant, who currently is employed full-time. However, the buyer likely wouldn’t need a virtual assistant to work more than 20 hours a week to maintain the business.

The company’s main supplier, who is responsible for providing most of their 10 SKUs, is willing to transfer over to the new owner, which would also help with a smooth transition and scaling opportunities. Opportunities to add new products exist and continue to grow within this niche, especially in the area of wifi/smart tech, or by establishing design patents to make the product line more exclusive.

This acquisition is perfect for a savvy buyer with a strong marketing background and online business experience who can add a brand to their portfolio with little trouble. SOPs have been created to help the buyer through the transition process, providing plenty of assistance to begin their work on growing this well-positioned, well-branded offering.

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