A SellerForce offering, this traditionalistic, highly lucrative eCommerce business is ready to satisfy the suppressed wedding demand in the global $70B wedding industry. Earning at 55% net margins, this strategically designed company well-suited for a surge in tremendous profit. For the last year and a half many have had to delay or cancel their wedding plans due to the global pandemic. But now that it is at an end, this company is ready to help eager love birds take flight!

Operating in Charleston Beach, South Carolina, this venture has become an incredibly profitable wedding planning site, with a proficiency in coordinating beach weddings. This “sentimental” business has been managed effectively and grown dramatically for the last 14 years by an experienced owner who has developed a high-delivering portfolio of small businesses over the years.

With luxury and elegance as their calling card, this business holds an impressive AOV of $900. It does not take many clients to reach and surpass all revenue goals, easing the burden of further investment from a potential buyer. In the works of inheriting a fully optimized domain name, they rank #1 on Google for highly relevant searches which have led to a steady stream of organic prospects with high intent to purchase.

Transitioning forward with an exceptional marketing strategy, the opportunities for scale with this company are immeasurable. With an already stable foundation stand upon, they attract a steady flow of organic traffic to their site. This allows this business to rely very little on PPC, leaving room to focus on establishing an effective SEO strategy. Having leveraged two of their listings on other sites like WeddingWire and CharlestonCVB for further promotion, an SEO utilizing Google AdWords and paid social media posts could also dramatically increase customer numbers.

Location is one of the key elements when it comes to wedding planning, so expansion into other geographical locations within the US would be a simple yet profitable approach for scale for this business.

Exotic destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean could be done in partnership with local providers, building cost-effective relationships within the niche market to ensure recurring business. Also, tapping into relevant vectors like bridal or flower shops could show a massive upside in revenue for the company as well. A new buyer could even integrate affiliate links and start providing these adjacent products and services with little effort, no up-front cost, or logistics to manage.

Highly self-sufficient, this business demands only 3 hours of work from the current owner each week. Throughout the transitional period, the buyer will have the opportunity to be fully trained by the outgoing owner, enabling them to achieve recurring, long-lasting results.

The business benefits strongly off of the conventional supply and demand model. They attract clients who are interested in various products or services for a full-service wedding platform, then engage with vendors to deliver those products and services. With these tactics in place, the current owner is able to outsource everything to local vendors and cut down unnecessary labor. In turn, partnerships with local providers in the hospitality industry have proven incredibly fruitful as they are willing to pay for advertising and referral fees.

This company is currently in partnership with a local hotel but is eager to sign on additional partnerships to satisfy the overwhelming demand of destination weddings.

As it shows, this business stands has the capacity to operate efficiently for any level of buyer commitment. Whether it be a full-time business for someone interested in trying their hand at this heartwarming industry. Or as a part-time business to drive significant passive income, with little to no oversight. No matter the direction a new owner would like to take this company in, it is a solid investment for any capable entrepreneur.


Listing Number: SF15