SellerForce® presents a 5-year-old, 100% FBA business that not only has 20 active SKUs to their name across a variety of industries, but is also approved to sell nearly an astounding 300 different household name brands. They source their products from dozens of wholesale suppliers, making it easy for them to offer customers a wide range of high-quality items.

The company is astoundingly hands-off and turn-key to run, leading to a workload of a mere 1 to 2 hours per day for the owner. Their FBA structure plays a significant role in cutting down on daily responsibilities, as there are no warehousing requirements to look after and manage. Additionally, because they specialize in selling popular brand names, they’ve had no need for any marketing plan in the past.

With so little tasks to look after, the owner has been able to run the business without any employees and save on both time and profit. Despite the company’s minimalistic nature, however, it has easily thrived. They have a 4.7 Star Seller Rating, plenty of satisfied reviews from customers, and consistent sales year-round.

A buyer could keep the business as is for a steady stream of revenue that requires little work, or choose to scale it for an even stronger profit. One of the best options to do so would be to take full advantage of the 300 brands that the company has access to. As the company was launched before Amazon set heavier restrictions, they have a far longer list of possible suppliers than any business could reach today. By stocking their storefront with additional SKUs from these brands, they would be able to cater to more consumers than ever, and send their sales skyrocketing. They could also strengthen relationships with their suppliers, which would make it even easier to add to their SKU roster.

Once the company has more products available, they could pursue international expansion into several profitable regions. Europe and Asia are especially promising, and thanks to Amazon’s global websites, it would be fairly simple for them to start establishing themselves there. They could also create an SEO campaign for their product listings, as while they have no need for a thorough marketing strategy, doing so would improve their search rankings and lead more customers to their storefront.

This acquisition is a great fit for new and old entrepreneurs alike. It requires little in the way of working capital, and the current owner has expressed a willingness to train the buyer for their role post-transition. As there are very few companies with the same reach as this one, it can quickly use its connections to become a top distributor.

This business is being sold with an email address that is already getting 100+ emails a day for offers of these name-brand goods so purchasing can start right away from vetted, well-established suppliers

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