A SellerForce offering, this innovative young affiliate site offering online crypto-gaming connects users to online casinos that allow them to play their favorite games using cryptocurrencies and get paid in cryptocurrencies!

For the affiliate site-lover or digital marketing hobbyist and pro, the company gives them the ability to quickly enter the popular crypto-gaming space and ramp up profits with very little work. This affiliate site is a fantastic way to earn income while working very few hours, with the opportunity of building a seven-figure income in no time by promoting popular cryptocurrency gambling websites.

This company has a fantastic revenue model, getting paid by crypto-gaming casinos when sending them new clients. The site also charges new casinos a fee to be listed on the website.

The model requires no inventory, no dropshipping hassles and no employees for a new owner. The company is very easy to maintain and primed to continue operating smoothly.

The ideal customer for this site is tech-savvy with an interest in both cryptocurrencies and online casino gambling, of which there are many. All customers are generated through organic traffic. The current owner has done some on-site SEO with content generation but there is a huge opportunity with expanded content generation and other forms of marketing such as Google Ads and social media-driven advertising. Someone with a little time on their hands and some experience in content marketing could quickly grow this site to seven figures.

New opportunities are abundant for a new owner. There are not many affiliate sites available for sale that have produced nearly six-figures in net profits in their second year. In addition, the crypto market has consistently been the hottest trending market for several years now.

There is currently one owner of the business, who spends a total of 1-2 hours weekly maintaining the website, earning $96K in profits over the last year.  The primary tasks of the business owners include a few email inquiries per day from both customers and casinos wanting to collaborate, maintaining the WordPress website, and communicating with affiliate partners. The most challenging task would be understanding the crypto-gaming industry, which the current owner will ensure is done before handing over the reins

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