SellerForce® presents an eCommerce business that is sure to make your portfolio shine. This stellar, 100% dropship company specializes in the niche of skillfully created chandeliers and has excelled thanks to the wide array of different shapes and sizes that they offer. As there is already very little competition in their market as is, they have marked themselves as a true force to be reckoned with through their high customizability: something that no other online market in their niche provides.

The company offers 500 SKUs, and thanks to their close-knit relationship with their suppliers, they are easily able to offer variations of existing products. Their DropShip model means that no working capital and warehousing are required, and as they have no SKU concentration to speak of, there is no need to worry about any uneven distribution.

Their efforts have led to an Average Order Value of $1,500, over 3,500 customer contacts in their email list, and, despite their minimal ad spend, a remarkably high rate of organic traffic. Using Google Shopping’s free listing has been their main advertising channel, which is supplemented by organic search results through their niche, Pinterest advertisements, and a few ads run on Facebook and Instagram.

Though lightweight in its structure, their marketing campaign has led to an average monthly rate of over 12,000 visitors to their website in its current state. This proves promising if the buyer chooses to expand upon this campaign, as by doing so, the brand could attract far more potential customers. The buyer could always increase ad spend on their targeting platforms, but additional options would involve boosting organic traffic through several under-utilized channels.

The company could improve their already-strong search rankings by building up their website SEO. Choice keywords and a blog centered on their specific niche would appeal to consumers in need of unique and beautiful light fixtures. They could also focus on expanding their email list and use it to roll out email and SMS campaigns for promotional purposes.

They could also turn their attention more thoroughly toward social media. As their ads have performed well on Pinterest, they could create accounts on it and other platforms to show off their products. The company could also encourage their customers to share pictures they’ve taken of their purchases, and use this user-generated content as a selling point for their high customer satisfaction rate.

Though the company sells exclusively D2C at the moment, the nature of their products would be perfect for B2B buyers. Interior designers and architects require high-quality furniture for their jobs, so the brand’s chandeliers would likely sell well among these businesses.

The company could start by collaborating with trusted interior designers, and then use it as a jumping-off point to expand into specialized marketplaces like Home Depot and Wayfair. They could also add a B2B section within their site itself to make sales an easier process for these buyers, and make them a more viable choice for professional and amateur decorators alike.

The current owner spends roughly 5 hours per week managing the business, with their daily workload consisting of merely answering emails and publishing posts on social media. The owner has also estimated that if the buyer implements all recommended improvements to the business, this workload may rise to a reasonable 20 hours per week. However, a buyer could keep their hours to a minimum by hiring new employees as the business scales, as at the moment, there are no other employees outside of the owner themselves.

Regardless of what the buyer chooses to do with the brand, or what approach they take in improving it, the future is looking bright for this excellent offering. Their business model makes operations a breeze, and the specific nature of the niche they operate in means that a buyer will face no trouble in continuing to soar above their competitors.

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