A SellerForce® offering, this Australia-based company has become a favorite of beachgoers in that country for its shading device that can cover the owner’s face and head while they’re relaxing in the sun.

Their device works on a host of products they sell, including beach chairs, towels, and tote bags. Because this product is so unique and innovative, the company is operating with virtually no direct or valid competitors, giving the brand a strong leadership position in this niche vertical.

As the inventors of this popular product, the company has cultivated a considerable amount of brand equity and trust among its legion of loyal buyers. The results show just how rapidly this company that was launched in 2017 has grown. Their sales have increased by 100% in the past year, while their video marketing has brought them 100 million views, which is helping to drive sales higher.

This is a small business success story, and one that hasn’t gone unnoticed in Australia, where the brand has enjoyed positive coverage in news articles and numerous publications. With most sales occurring in Australia, the company has enormous scale opportunities by expanding into additional countries, including the U.S. and across Europe, and by expanding the range of its SKUs. The company is now looking for an investor who has the capital to grow this successful operation into something much bigger.

Now in its sixth year of operations, the company owns the tools needed to make its shading device and has full control over the manufacturing process. Their towels and chairs are sourced from reliable suppliers, and all products are sold under their brand name.

At an Average Order Value of $110, sales have been brisk on their shading devices that are sold in multiple colors, and their towels also provide a mix of colors and are “sand free.”  Women between the ages of 18 and 35 are their main customer demographic, and the company is now shipping 50+ orders per day.

A rising 20%+ of their sales are from repeat buyers. While 85% of their sales come from their website, the company has a fast-growing B2B customer base, with wholesalers now making up 15% of their overall profits.

Their marketing has contributed to this. PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google are contributing to rising profits, while the company also enjoys organic traffic from their regular posts on Facebook, where they have 8,800+ followers, and on Instagram, with 7,400+ followers.

This has brought 35,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website, while their video marketing on TikTok has helped introduce the company to more than 1 million viewers.

There are multiple ways for this company to grow rapidly, including by expanding onto Amazon and launching more products. The rapid success of their main product and its unique place in this niche space gives a buyer a phenomenal opportunity to enjoy skyrocketing growth with this one.

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