SellerForce® presents a company that provides a unique solution to common, everyday needs for literally every company on the planet … employee background checks! This business provides a highly affordable and immediate set of products to any person or company wanting to investigate the background on a new potential candidate.

The list of services that the company offers includes:

National Criminal Record Search
Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
National Federal Criminal Record Search
National Federal and State Bankruptcy Scan
National Federal and State Tax Lien Scan
National Federal and Civil Judgments Scan
Alias/Maiden Name Check
20 year address history
Age Verification
Spouse/Roommates Locator
Phone Numbers by Address
List of Possible Relatives
Relatives’ Address History
Death Index Check
List of Possible Associates
List of Neighbors
Possible Businesses Ownership
Property Ownership Search
Pilot’s License Search
Aircraft Ownership Search
Commercial Vessels Ownership Search
DEA controlled substances license

At a time when criminals are getting savvier by the day, companies are finding it imperative that they perform routine background checks on their candidates, making this brand is well positioned for the future. Launched in 2019, the company receives orders from all types of companies, from the owner-operator to the national franchise chain. The company’s Repeat Customer Rate is approximately 20%, as customers frequently return to purchase again and again.

Their best-selling product is the Silver Level Background Check, priced at $29.00. With a cost of only $0.87, this company’s products are pure profit! The remaining package prices and costs are as follows:

Price Cost
Bronze- $19 Bronze- $0.25
Silver- $29 Silver- $0.87
Gold- $39 Gold- $1.29
Platinum- $47 Platinum- $3.87
a la carte- $5 to $20 a la carte- $0.25 to $1.00

The company has a strong relationship with its supplier and has created a customized API where the company website connects to the data provider, supplying the customer with an instant report of their desired background screening purchases.

Word of mouth referrals and organic traffic are the exclusive sales drivers of this business. Although organic search is a source of traffic, the owner has done no SEO on this website. This leaves a huge opportunity for a buyer to step in and not only initiate SEO and content marketing on and off the site but to also start to add other paid and non-paid marketing channels- from PPC ads to social media such as YouTube, FB, IG and TikTok ads! Setting up a sales team to reach out and contact large US employers would be another great marketing and growth tactic.

This enterprise is highly automated, to the point where the owner devotes just a few hours a week to running it and only uses some part time contractors, due to his lack of technical abilities.

For a buyer, this is a great opportunity for anyone with SEO and/or marketing prowess.

Contact SellerForce today to learn more about how our brokers can awaken you to the company’s full potential.

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