SellerForce® presents a fascinating niche eCommerce business that’s sure to blossom when nurtured by their buyer. This budding brand sells a unique line of popular garden décor products, including garden gnomes, solar-powered garden lights, and other delightful ornaments to spice up any back or front yard.

Their 84 SKUs give off a whimsical feel that’s perfect for capturing that fairytale look, while being waterproofed and built in such a way that customers don’t have to worry about weather damage. These factors have given them a massive appeal among many homeowners, and have earned them a 4.85-star review.

Though traditional channels certainly have their appeal, eCommerce provides more than enough room for businesses to sprout up within the near future. Online retail sales made up for about 10% of total sales in the US and 18% in the UK, and while those numbers may seem small, they are rapidly on the rise.

Experts project that by 2040, about 95% of all purchases will be made online, giving entrepreneurs a great opportunity to profit as time goes on. The global home décor market has also shown great promise, as it’s currently valued at $660 billion, and is projected to reach a total of $838.6 billion by 2027.

Home décor happens to be a highly evergreen industry, and for good reason. Many home and property owners take great pleasure in designing and personalizing their interior and exterior spaces, giving them a personal touch that sets their homes apart from anyone else’s. It’s a great way for people to express themselves, make their properties both beautiful and functional, and release the inner artist and designer that lies just below the surface.

Within the last few years, the company has seen an incredible level of growth, generating an impressive number of enthusiastic reviews on their product listings and earning a steadily-growing Repeat Customer Rate. Many customers regularly return to the brand to buy additional decorations: either for themselves, or for their friends and loved ones.

They have utilized Facebook PPC ads to great success to attract new customers, with these advertisements acting as the definite backbone of their business. However, they could easily benefit from incorporating ads on other new, popular platforms, such as TikTok, Google, and even YouTube.

The company currently boasts an average monthly visitor rate of about 40,000, nearly 14,000 email subscribers, and roughly 9,500 SMS subscribers. Not only is this a testament to how popular their products are, or how effective their existing ad strategy is, but their subscribers are also regularly used for marketing campaigns as well. These campaigns encourage customers to return through targeted ads and other strategies, raising their Repeat Customer Rate even further.

Their operations are highly automated, leaving the owner with a workload of only 20 hours per week. They also employ one part-time virtual assistant to oversee customer service and social media comments, shaving more of their workload down. If you’re interested in nurturing this brilliant brand, then contact SellerForce today.

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