A SellerForce® offering, this up-and-coming SaaS business has become an invaluable tool for companies who want to develop their social media presence. Their specialized software uses artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and the latest fads to create curated, on-topic content for businesses, regardless of their industry. This generates enough social media content for weeks on end for their clients, and even builds a posting schedule for maximum efficiency each time a post goes live. Additionally, their subscription-based model comes at an affordable monthly fee, providing clients with the flexibility to maintain their contracts for as long as they need.

The company’s services are bundled neatly into two subscription plans. The first, their Basic plan, costs $39.99 a month, and creates 30 posts per month. These posts consist of content, hashtags, and captions, providing clients with a steady flow of the essentials for solid social media marketing. Their second plan, Premium, costs $49.99, and comes with everything offered in Basic and more. Instead of 30 posts a month, Premium provides 100, along with a feed visualizer, multiple account users, scheduling, and unique AI-generated content and hashtags.

The target demographic for this brand’s services are budding businesses with limited advertising budgets, who are looking to build their social media presence as quickly as possible. Countless entrepreneurs, young and old alike, struggle to keep up with trending topics, making it difficult to keep users engaged, and limiting the potential of their outreach. By staying in touch with what’s popular among their customers, they can strengthen their connection with potential and existing buyers alike, and generate a consistent stream of organic traffic.

Along with the company’s incredible software, they also enjoy a following of their own. Their TikTok account has roughly 13,300 followers, and their email list has over 12,500 contacts. As these contacts have yet to be monetized, a buyer could see fantastic results by creating an email marketing campaign, or by establishing a newsletter to keep their contacts updated and engaged.

The company could also expand to other, well-known social media platforms, like Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Additionally, through influencer partnerships, they would be able to bring more attention to both their clients and their own accounts. Marketing isn’t the only scale method at their disposal, however. They can easily adapt their software to create Facebook ad templates, which, given the popularity of Facebook as an advertising platform, would be a profitable next step.

Facebook and Google are seen by many business owners as go-to sites to build their own social media profiles and run paid ads, and by catering to their demand, the company could enjoy a surge of new clients.

The current owner is responsible for marketing, developing, and customer service. Despite the number of their duties, however, they work only a modest 3 hours per week, which the buyer could bring down further by outsourcing some of their tasks. The current owner has a strong relationship with a developer who built some of their website’s features, and it’s possible that the buyer could reach out to them for employment. Customer service would also be easy to pass on to a new hire, which would then leave SEO and running paid advertising as the buyer’s key tasks.

For business owners, a well-structured marketing campaign can mean the difference between a profitable sales year, and a loss of profit. As more entrepreneurs discover the benefits of social media marketing, the demand for this company’s services will only grow higher.

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