A SellerForce offering, this healthy snack subscription company was forged to help maintain a healthy lifestyle in a fun and convenient way. Created by experts in fitness and nutrition, the content of the site is highly qualitative and has led the business to establish a loyal customer base for their trademarked brand.

Their unique boxes are delivered monthly and are offered through several subscription plans. Although the bestselling options are the month-to-month and the three-month subscription, a six-month and a one-year subscription are also offered which drives up the AOV.

Because this company qualifies as a wellness program under a COBRA, they also provide corporate subscription offerings, granting other companies the use of “wellness dollars” as a means of purchasing their products.

Although they generate 60% of their sales from direct-to-consumer via the company site, they have taken advantage of a new development at Amazon to increase sales which will prove to be a major growth component toward their business model over the next few years.
Amazon has recently entered the subscription space and now allows similar companies the opportunity to offer subscriptions via their platform. Since this company has just recently joined the Amazon platform, they are not even close to reaching their potential and in the hands of an Amazon expert, this area of the business can surely flourish.

The logistics of the company have been simplified to a temporary Stock and Ship model. They only hold inventory for the current month, and once the boxes are curated, packed, and shipped (by a 3PL in the US), they donate the remaining inventory. On occasion, they will hold a small amount of inventory to use as bonus offerings for the following month.

The owners spend their time operating the business by conducting the following:

• Sourcing of quality healthy snacks
• Work on partner campaigns
• Daily PR Outreach
• Overseeing the shipping duties of the 3PL
• Amazon management and growth (Amazon is very low touch).
• Ensure emails, blogs, social posts and stories are on schedule and published.

There is an opportunity to outsource most, if not all of these daily tasks, making this a very interesting acquisition for investors looking to add this to their portfolio of businesses.

The business can also be run by one dedicated person looking to continue building the brand by focusing on creating content and continuing to develop partnership relationships.



Listing Number: SF28